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Robinson Ransbottom Art Pottery

Robinson Ransbottom Pottery was founded by Frank Ransbottom and has been in operation since 1900. Frank had close ties with the world famous art potteries of this era, and his brothers Ed and Mort held important positions at Roseville Pottery. Frank learned the potters art from his father Alfred, who operated the Bluebird Potteries on farms in Perry and Muskingum Counties, Ohio. During the late 1890's, Frank Ransbottom had become one of the area's best known and most successful jobbers of the stoneware and earthenware products. Frank and three of his brothers - Ed, Johnie and Mort, acquired "Oval Ware and Brick Company" in the fall of 1900 and after repairs and began production early in 1901. (Story continues below products)

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Among the earliest products were jardinieres, cuspidors and red flower pots. The pottery business grew rapidly and established itself as a leading producer of stoneware jars. By 1916, the Ransbottom Pottery had become the world's largest manufacturer of stoneware jars, a position it still holds. In 1920, the company merged with Robinson Clay Products Company, a manufacturer of tile and brick products. The product lines were expanded to gardenware, a category which includes bird baths, planters, pots, jardinieres, vases, urns and strawberry jars. In addition to gardenware, the company produced a broad range of housewares, giftware and tabletop products, as well as pet feeders.